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Dec. 2, 2021 - 28 Kislev 5782
5458/1697  Rav Chizkiyayu DiSilva - Pri Chadash

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Section: Taryag Mitzvos   Category: Shirei Mitzvos
Shirei Mitzvos Part 4: Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz - A Song Of The Taryag Mitzvos

Readers are welcome to view/download Yom Revi'i of Shirei Mitzvos (Lo Saaseh 13-100) from Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz.  For more background see Shirei Mitzvos Introduction

See below for the English version we have created to help the reader better understand some of the more difficult parts in Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz's shir.  Please understand that in order to keep it in a poem we have taken a great deal of artistic license to go astray from the original intent.  All comments are welcome. Let us know what you think. 

No part of the Hebrew or English may be reproduced in any form (including print and electronic) without express written consent from 

13.  In the Bais HaMikdash do not plant a tree
14.  The name of Avodah Zara when swearing, on your lips should not be
15.  Towards Aovdah Zara do not steer the people of your city
16.  Don't seduce your brother's to turn from Hashem, it would be a pity

17.  Do not withhold your anger, maintain your hatred, forgive him never
18.  Let your fury rage don't love him or listen to him ever
19.  Don't pity him or save him, watch him go to his grave
20.  Withhold  you knowledge of his merits, do not attempt to save

21.  Do not withhold evidence of his dastardly deed
22.  Jewels and valuable of Avodah Zara avoid, curb your greed
23.  Never rebuild an Ir HaNidachas, ashes it shall forever remain
24.  Acquire not its bounty, from it you must refrain

25.  Avodah zara and other abominations in your home, will cause its demise
26.  In the name of other deities do not prophesize
27.  When saying Nevua in the name of Hashem speak truth and not lies
28.  A Navi in the name of Avoda Zara do not engage, just ostracize

29.  Slaughter a false Navi, him you must not fear
30.  Tamei is the way Goyim to their lifestyle do not adhere
31.  Inquiries to idols do not make to know what will soon occur
32.  To the signs of the stars and their predictions do not defer

33.  Ignore the folly of omens, to the truth it has no relation
34.  Avoid using sorcery like every other nation
35.  Chanting is a forbidden way to deal with snakes
36.  To inquire the future from a master of Ov is not a precaution you may take

37.  Do not seek out a practitioner of Yedoni, away he must be chased
38.  Communicating through dead bodies is a practice that must be erased
39.   As a way to mingle with women, a man must not dress in women's attire
40.   Women cannot don men's clothing no matter what the latest fashions inspire

41.  Jews do not have them, our flesh must be clean of any tattoo
42.  Clothing of wool and linen don't go together it will always be taboo
43.  Sideburns do not shave, your head they must adorn
44.  With a razor your beard may not be shorn

45.   A lesion, wound or scratch do not make over a deceased
46.  To Mitzrayim do not go back, the place from where we were long ago released
47.  It is foolish and wrong to follow ideas that your heart may contrive
48.  Of the seven nations do not leave any remnants, no soul shall survive

49.  With the seven nations a treaty do not sign
50.  On their beauty do not comment for it is not divine
51.  Idol worshipers do not allow to dwell in your land
52.  With a Goy do not exchange vows and give a wedding band

53.  A male descendant of Amon and Moav is forever out of bounds
54.  On the shidduch circuit a Ger from Edom must be alllowed to make the rounds
55.  A Ger Mitzri must be held close, hostilities must cease
56.  When waging war on Amon and Moav we cannot not seek peace

57.  Do not destroy a fruit tree or any useful item
58.  The enemy we must not fear, when we go fight them
59.  The wickedness of our enemy Amalek do not forget
60.  Do not curse Hashem, it is an act you will regret

61.  When you swear you must not violate your word whether the future or the past
62.  Do not swear in vain, from it you must run far and run fast
63.  Rather than making a Chilul Hashem be prepared to give you life
64.  A true Navi support, don't test him and cause him strife

65.  Do not destroy any holy article, to Hashem it is a disgrace
66.  A hung body must not linger on the tree, Hashem's image is etched in his face
67.  The entire night the Bais HaMikdash must be guarded
68.  A Kohen only enters the Bais HaMikdash when Avodah must be started

69.  A Kohen with a blemish may not approach the Mizbei'ach and beyond
70.  He may not do the Avodah despite his priestly family bond
71.  Even if his blemish is temporary, in the Avodah he may not participate
72.  Kohanim and Levi'im must do only their own jobs and from others must abate

73.  One must not do Avodah or enter the Mikdash in a state of intoxication
74.  Only Aharon's descendants may do the avodah, or else it is a desecration
75.  A Kohen in an unpure state in the Bais HaMikdash may not serve
76.  Even after purifying he must wait until the sun sets, over the horizon's curve

77.  No one may enter the courtyard of the Bais HaMikdash unless he is spiritually clean
78.  After a nocturnal incident do not enter Machaneh Levi'a, the camp in between
79.  With cut stones do not build the Mizbei'ach, iron is for homocide
80.  Make a ramp and take small steps, up to the Mizbei'ach we do not stride

81.  The fire on the Mizbei'ach do not extinguish it must always burn
82.  On the golden Mizbei'ach do not offer any korban or ketores out of turn
83.  The formula of the Shemen HaMishcha do not recreate like the days of yore
84.  The authentic Shemen HaMishcha on a foreigner do not pour

85.  The holy incense with its spices do not make for your pleasure
86.  The poles of the Aron do not remove, leave them attached to our treasure
87.  The Choshen's place is on the Eiphod it must always be near
88.  Be careful with the collar of the Me'il, make sure it doesn't tear

89.  Kodshim do not offer outside the Bais HaMikdash on a fire
90.  The slaughter of Kodshim outside the Bais HaMikdash will raise Hashem's ire
91.  Animals are unfit to be donated if they are blind or their limbs are broken
92.  Do not slaughter blemished animals for Hashem it is not a gift and not a token

93.  On the Mizbei'ach do not sprinkle a blemished animal's blood
94.  Burning its fat is forbidden, the Korban is a dud
95.  Do not offer a wounded animal even if it will eventually heal
96.  Even if the Korban a sent by a Goy, a blemish is still a big deal

97.  A blemish do not cause in a sanctified animal it should not be neglected
98.  An offering of sourdough or honey is forbidden and not accepted
99.  Do not sacrifice any offering unless with salt it is topped
100.  A Korban obtained with a harlot's fee or with a dog must be stopped

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