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Dec. 7, 2021 - 3 Tevet 5782
5470/1709  Rav Yaakov Gadisha - Me'il Yaakov

5739/1978  Rav Alter Chaim Shmuelevitz - Rosh Yeshiva Mir

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Section: Taryag Mitzvos   Category: Shirei Mitzvos
Shirei Mitzvos Part 3: Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz - A Song Of The Taryag Mitzvos

Readers are welcome to view/download Yom Shlishi of Shirei Mitzvos from Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz.  For more background see Shirei Mitzvos Introduction

See below for the English version we have created to help the reader better understand some of the more difficult parts in Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz's shir.  Please understand that in order to keep it in a poem we have taken a great deal of artistic license to go astray from the original intent.  All comments are welcome. Let us know what you think. 

No part of the Hebrew or English may be reproduced in any form (including print and electronic) without express written consent from 

176.  In every city and town appoint many a wise and worthy judge
177.  When judging, from proper protocol and fairness do not budge
178.  If you are witness to something you must come testify
179.  A judge must interrogate carefully, his ruling he must justify

180.  For falsely incriminating another, his punishment will fall on your head
181.  Chop off the calf's head, when between two cities you find someone dead
182.  Designate cities of refuge for someone who killed without guilt
183.  Grant cities to the Levi'im in addition to the Arei Miklat already built

184.  Build a gate on your roof to avoid a tragic plunge
185.  Idols and their accessories be sure to expunge
186.  An Jewish idol worshiping city burn completely to the ground
187.  Wipe out the seven Kena'ani nations, don't leave a single one around

188.  Engage in war until the end with Amaleik our age old foe
189.  Remember what they did to us, don't ever let the memory go
190.  Adhere to the rules of the Torah when in war we engage
191.  Prior to war we must hear words of rebuke from a priestly sage

192.  Outside the army encampment a bathroom designate
193.  Each soldier should have a shovel, cleanliness we appreciate
194.  If you have stolen goods be sure to return them intact
195.  Pity the poor and give charity, it is a gracious act

196.  Bestow gifts onto your Jewish slave when he goes free
197.  Ease a poor man's plight and lend him money graciously
198.  Lend with interest to a Goy, his pleas do not heed
199.  Return the collateral to your debtor in time of need

200.  Your employee's wages you must pay on time without delay
201.  Let him eat what he is harvesting his hunger you should allay
202.  Help your nemesis pack his donkey with his heavy load
203.  Help him unload lest the poor donkey's legs explode

204.  To its rightful owner return a lost item
205.  Rebuke your friend softly, do not ignite him
206.  Love thy neighbor like thyself is a great rule in the Torah
207.  Loving a convert deep in your heart, is part of our mesora

208.  Keep in your possession only an accurate scale and weight
209.  Stand up for sages, their presence we should celebrate
210.  The honor of your father and mother should be handled with great care
211.  Fear both your parents it will earn you longer life year after year

212.  Populate the world with male and female offspring
213.  Marry a women, it can be done with a ring
214.  A one year honeymoon should keep you close to home
215.  Circumcise the newborn son that you call your very own

216.  Marry your deceased brother's wife, let his name continue to be
217.  If not then with a pulled off shoe and a spit on the floor his widow is set free
218.  You must marry the victim of a forced relationship and keep her forever
219.  After marrying your a new bride, you mustn't slander her past, never

220.  You must marry the girl you seduced with your charm
221.  A beautiful war captive you may marry without any harm
222.  Under certain circumstances your wife you may divorce
223.  An unfaithful wife must drink the sacred waters, sometimes by force

224.  A wicked person with forty lashes you must strike
225.  An unintentional murderer into exile he must hike
226.  Some aveiros are punishable by the sword
227.  Others require strangulation when their actions are abhorred

228.  Some criminals are forced to ingest hot molten lead
229.  The worst offenders are stoned until they are declared dead
230.  A blasphemer and idol worshiper after death are hung in shame
231.  Even these are respectfully buried and past sunset must not remain

232.  A Jewish slave is unique has his own set of special rules
233.  You can marry your Jewish maidservant without giving any additional jewels
234.  Help your Jewish maidservant redeem herself and be set free
235.  Hold on to your Eved Kena'ani for all generations until eternity

236.  If you physically harm your friend you must pay five things
237.  For your animal's actions you must pay the cost their damage brings
238.  You will pay the price if someone's animal stumbles into your pit
239.  For stealing you can pay up to five fold or depending on the theft you commit

240.  You need to pay if on your neighbor's field your animal feasts to their delight
241.  Damages to other peoples fields you will pay for any fire that you ignite
242.  If you watch your friend's object without pay you will be absolved by swearing
243.  If you are paid, you are responsible for theft because that is a lack of caring

244.  When borrowing an object you are responsible without any excuse
245.  To sell an object the proper method of acquisition you must induce
246.  You can force your opponent to swear only when he has made and admission
247.  You can save the life of a victim and kill his pursuer in a split second decision

248.  There special laws of inheritance to which we must adhere
         There are 248 positive commandments that we hold so dear
         60 of them are imperative and 14 are not for women only for men
         Now we will explain the Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh with the help of Hashem

1.  Even a fleeting thought of another power should not enter your mind
2.  Never make an Avodah Zara for yourself or ask someone who doesn't mind
3.  Even for  goy, do not make an idol for him to beseech her
4.  Whether or not for avodah zara do not sculpted a living creature

5.  Any of the four services we do for Hashem do not perform before a statue
6.  Even a disgusting act you cannot perform before them, if that is their issue
7. Your children before Molech and its fire cannot be passed
8.  Incense cannot be brought, to hear voices from the past

9.    The bones of a Yedoa bird don't use to connect to evil forces
10.  Don't seek out foreign deities or study their sources
11.  Altars are forbidden to make, even for Hashem
12.  Special stone floors should not be laid, to bow down on them

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