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Dec. 3, 2021 - 29 Kislev 5782
5528/1767  Rav Avrohom HaMeyuchas - Sdei HaAretz

5666/1905  Rav Shlomo HaKohen - Cheshek Shlomo

5709/1958  Rav Yisroel Friedman Admor MiHusyatin

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Section: Taryag Mitzvos   Category: Shirei Mitzvos
Shirei Mitzvos Part 1: Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz - A Song Of The Taryag Mitzvos

Readers are welcome to view/download Shirei Mitzvos from Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz which we will present one day each week until Shavuos.  Each day is approximately 88 mitzvos and designed in the theme of Maaseh Bereishis, highlighting the order of the Aleph Bais used for that day.  For more background see Shirei Mitzvos Introduction .  It is worth a look and certainly worth going through in the period where we prepare for Yom Matan Toraseinu.

We have created an English version to help the reader better understand some of the more difficult parts in Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz's shir.  Please understand that in order to keep it in a poem we have taken a great deal of artistic license to go astray from the original intent.  All comments are welcome. Let us know what you think. 

No part of the Hebrew or English may be reproduced in any form (including print and electronic) without express written consent from 

Click Here to download Hebrew version of  Yom Rishon

       The laws of Hashem I will relate to you
1.    Hashem created the world and is its master too
2.    He is one and there is no other to compare
3.    Through Mitzvos, Hashem we will come to love and revere

4.    With awe and fear of Hashem our service we will elevate
5.    Through Tefila, with Hashem we will communicate
6.    Among Tzadikim we will keep our presence habitually
7.    When we swear it will be in Hashem’s name exclusively

8.    By emulating Hashem’s deeds and manners, our lives we will glorify
9.    Even as our world is being torn apart, His name we will sanctify
10.  Evenings and mornings we will accept Hashem’s kingdom as Shema we recite
11.  The voices of men and boys in his Torah will delight

12.  Tefillin will crown our head held on high
13.  Hashem’s seal of wisdom around our arms we will tie
14.  Tzitzis on the four corners of our garments will help us remember the Mitzvos well
15.  A Mezuzah we will place on the door of every house in which we dwell

16.  Men, women, and children, assemble after the Shmita, Torah from the king they will hear
17.  Wherever the king goes on his arm a Sefer Torah he should wear
18.  Every Jew his own Sefer Torah he should write
19.  Bless Hashem after every meal in which you satisfy your appetite

20.  A special house for Hashem we should build
21.  When we enter, with respect and fear we should be filled
22.  The Bais Hamikdash, a guard of Kohanim and Levi’im should constantly surround
23.  In it the Levi’im should serve with song and beautiful sound

24.  Before doing the service a Kohen must wash his feet and hands
25.  A Menorah, lit every day in the Bais Hamikdash stands
26.  The entire nation, every day the Kohanim should bless
27.  On the Shulchan, Lechem Hapanim and spices should always rest

28.  The incense offered in the morning and night smelled so nice
29.  Each day on the Mizbei’ach fresh wood to keep the fire burning should be put twice
30.  Piles of ash each morning from the Mizbeiach must be taken away
31.  Outside the Bais Hamikdash we must send anyone who is Tamei

32.  We will treat Kohanim the princes of Hashem with the special honor they deserve
33.  Special clothing they will don in the Bais Hamikdash when they serve
34.  To carry the Aron Kodesh the Kohanim Hashem did appoint
35.  With special oil Kohanim Gedolim and kings we will anoint

36.  Each week a different group of Kohanim should serve in a manner that is orderly
37.  The Kohen must defile himself with a dead body if it is a member of his immediate family
38.  The bride must be a virgin if the Kohen Gadol is the groom
39.  Each day two lambs should be sacrificed one in the morning and one in the afternoon

40.  The Kohen Gadol every morning and afternoon a mincha must bring
41.  On Shabbos for a Korbon Musaf two lambs should be brought to our King
42.  On Rosh Chodesh for Korbon Musaf sacrifice oxen, lambs, a ram and a goat
43.  Each day of Pesach you should sacrifice these as well, different intentions you should devote

44.  On the second day of Pesach the Korbon Omer bring without delay
45.  A Korbon Musaf for Shavuos bring after arriving at the fiftieth day
46.  On Shavuos two lambs offer together with two loafs of bread
47.  Bring a Koraban Musaf on Rosh Hashana the new year’s head

48.  Ten days later on Yom Kippur bring a Korbon Musaf as well
49.  Perform the entire service of Yom Kippur so our aveiros Hashem will repel
50.  The Korbon Musaf on the joyous days of Succos bring
51.  A Korbon Musaf for Shmini Atzeres the beloved day we dance and sing

52.  We bring a Korbon Chagiga to the Bais Hamikdash three times a year, on each Yom Tov
53.  When we are Olah Regel with an Olas Re'ia we make ourselves seen to the one above
54.  The Korbon Shlomim we feast on makes our happiness complete
55.  On Pesach we sacrifice a baby lamb unblemished from its head to its feet

56.  We eat the Korbon Pesach like they did in the days of yore
57.  On Pesach Sheni a second chance is given to those who on Pesach were impure
58.  The Pesach Sheni is eaten with matza and maror just like the first
59.  Blast trumpets of joy on Yom Tov and in pain when our situation seems at its worst

60.  An animal offered for a Korban must be at least eights days old
61.  It must be perfectly fit and not blind or lame but good as gold
62.  Every Korban must be salted, the treaty of the ages
63.  The Korban Olah should be performed as interpreted by the sages

64.  The rule of our King should be adhered to when the Chatos is brought
65.  All the details of the Asham should be followed precisely as we were taught
66.  When bringing a Korban Shlamim follow the rules as written
67.  For the procedure of a Korban Mincha to Hashem’s Torah we should listen

68.  If Bais Din rules incorrectly the “Ox of omission” can make amends
69.  For an individual’s accidental transgression the Koraban Chatos can cleanse
70.  For four specific aveiros an “Asham Vaddai” rather than a Chatos is the way out
71.  An “Asham Tolui” suspends punishment when the violation of an aveira is in doubt

72.  Bring a Floating Chatos when three specific commandments you don’t heed
73.  You must Confess before Hashem when repenting for any misdeed
74.  A Korban should be brought by a Zav before the Master of the world
75.  A Zavah must bring two birds whose stomach from atop the Mizbei'ach is hurled

76.  After birth a woman sacrifices a lamb and a dove
77.  A recovered Mitzora must bring three Korbanos to the one above
78.  Cattle and sheep one must tithe separately for those born each year
79.  To the Kohen give the first born of a kosher animal so dear

80.  Five shekel to the Kohen for your firstborn son you must give
81.  In exchange of a first born Donkey give the Kohen a lamb if you want it to live
82.  If you don’t redeem the donkey, its neck you must break
83.  A donation or Korban the next immediate Yom Tov to the Bais Hamikdash you must take

84.  Every Korban must be brought to the Bais Hamikdash the house that is awed
85.  To the Bais Hamikdash you must bring your korban  even from abroad
86.  Redeem your Korban if a blemish does appear
87.  If you exchange your Korban both animals are holy, the original and the one you prefer

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