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10 Times Bnei Yisroel Tested Hashem In The Midbar
The Mishna in Pirkei Avos 5:4 says, that our ancestors tested Hashem in the Midbar with ten tests, as it says, "They have tested Me these ten times and they have not listened to My voice."  Below is list of these ten tests.
1) Yam Suf - they complained, "Were there not enough graves in Egypt?" (Shemos 14:11)
2) Water in Mara - After they crossed Yam Suf, they complained about their lack of water as it says, "They came to Mara .. and the people complained ... (Shemos 15:23, 24)
3) Water in Refidim - the people complained about the lack of water as it says, "The people argued with Moshe ..".  This is where Moshe hit the rock on Hashem's command and Be'er Miriam started to supply water.  (Shemos 17:2)
4) Man, Leaving Over  - When Hashem gave the mon, He commanded, "Let no man leave any over for the morning (Shemos 16:19), yet people disobeyed as it says, "and men left some over" (Shemos 16:20)
5) Man, Looking On Shabbos - When Hashem gave the mon, He commanded, "No man shall leave his place on the seventh day" (Shemos 16:29), yet people disobeyed and went out (Shemos 16:27)
5) Slav, Demanding Meat - Before Hashem sent the slav the people complained, "If only we had died in Egypt when we sat by the flesh-pots" (Shemos 16:3)

7) Slav, Desiring Meat - Also with regard to eating meat the Torah says, "The camp followers among them began to experience desire" (Bamidbar 11:4)
8) Cheit Ha'Egel (Shemos 32)
9) Misonenim - Complaints and rebellion against Hashem (Bamidbar 11:1)
10) Meraglim (Bamidbar 13)

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