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7 Mitzvos DiRabbanan That Complete The Crown
There are 613 or Taryag Mitzvos in the Torah.  There are another 7 Mitzvos MiDirabanan.  That makes 620 or Kesser which means crown.  Hashem's crown is not complete without the mitzvos DiRabanan.  In the Aseres HaDibros which is the basis for the Taryag Mitzvos we find 620 letters. Below is a list of these seven mitzvos.

1. Netilas Yadayim for bread.

2. Laws of Eruv

3. Reciting a bracha before partaking of food or any other pleasure.

4. Lighting Shabbos Candles.

5. To read the Megilla on Purim

6. To light the Menorah on Chanuka.

7. Saying Hallel on certain occasions.

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