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Leil HaSeder Alone in The Shadow of Corona

Stopping Corona: Overwhelmed With Eitzos?

Parshas Tzav: Rabbeinu Bachaye - Covering the Shame of Sinners

Parshas Pinchas: Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz - Where did Zimri the Great Tzaddik go Wrong?

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10 Creations Just Before Shabbos
Ten things were created on the eve of the [first] Shabbos at twilight
  1. The Mouth of the Earth that swallowed Korach
  2. The Mouth of the Well of Miriam
  3. The Mouth of Bilam's Donkey
  4. The Rainbow
  5. The Mun they ate in the Midbar
  6. Moshe's Staff
  7. The Shamir - the worm that ate stone and was used to carve in the Mishkan
  8. The Form of the Letters of the Luchos
  9. The Writing of the Luchos
  10. The Tablets of the Luchos
Others include the Demons, the Grave of Moshe, the Ram that Avrohom found at the akeida. Others say: also the Tongs made by tongs.

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