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Time Schedule For The Day of Creation Of Man
The famous Yom HaShishi, the sixth day of creation was quite an evenful day.  Chazal tell us what happened each hour of this day. The first five hours of the day were occupied with the formation and creation of Adam.

First Hour: Adam came into being as a thought
Second Hour: Hashem consulted with the Malachei Ha'shares
Third Hour: Hashem gathered the dust out of which He made Adam
Fourth Hour: Hashem kneaded the dust
Fifth Hour: Hashem shaped the dust into the shape of man
Sixth Hour: Hashem stood Adam on his feet and he reached from earth to heaven
Seventh Hour: Hashem blew the breath of life into him
Eighth Hour: Hashem brought him into Gan Eden
Ninth Hour: Hashem said he could eat the fruit of any tree but not from the Eitz Ha'Daas
Tenth Hour: Adam sinned
Eleventh Hour: He was brought to justice
Twelfth Hour: the verdict was given and he was expelled from Gan Eden

Another version:

First Hour: Hashem gathered the dust
Second Hour: it was kneaded into a shapeless mass
Third Hour: its limbs were shaped
Fourth Hour: Hashem breathed a soul into Adam
Fifth Hour: Adam arose and stood on his feet
Sixth Hour: he named all the animals.
Seventh hour: Chava was created.
Eight Hour: Adam and Chava procreated and Kayin and Hevel (and siblings) were born
Ninth Hour: Adam was commanded not to eat from the Tree
Tenth Hour: He sinned
Eleventh Hour: He was judged
Twelfth Hour: He was expelled from Gan Eden (alternatively, he was pardoned)

Sanhedrin 38b and VaYikrah Rabah beginning Parshah 29 (on Emor)

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