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Rambam's 24 Aveiros That Prevent A Person From Doing Tshuva
I.   4 that are so bad that Hashem won't let you do Tshuva
    1.    Causing the public to sin or preventing them from doing a Mitzva
    2.    Swaying your friend from the right path
    3.    Watching idly as your son or anyone you have power over goes in a bad way
    4.    If you say you will do aveiros and then do tshuva later

II. 5 whom the path of tshuva is blocked before them
    1.    He who cuts himself off from the Tzibbur
    2.    He who argues with the Chachomim
    3.    He who makes fun of the Mitzvos
    4.    He who embarrasses his Rebbi
    5.    He who hates rebuke

III.  5 who can never do full tshuva because they identify exactly whom they must ask for Mechila.
    1.    He who curses a large group of people
    2.    He who assists a thief
    3.    He who finds a lost item and doesn't try to find the owner
    4.    He who benefits from the plunder of the poor, widows, and orphans.
    5.    A judge who accepts bribes

IV.  5 who will probably never do tshuva becomes the crime is something that they don't consider criminal.
    1.    If you eat from a Seudah where the owner himself does not have enough to eat.
    2.    Using the collateral of a poor person such as his hammer
    3.    Staring at forbidden women
    4.    Gaining honor from your friend's downfall
    5.    He who is Choshed B'Ksheirim.  Always suspecting innocent people.

V.  5 aveiros that are difficult to separate from.
    1.     Rechilus
    2.    Lashon Hara
    3.    Anger
    4.    Bad thoughts
    5.    Associating with bad people

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