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24 Matanos For the Kohein

Rashi in Korach (18:8) says that after Korach complained about the validity of the Kohanim, Hashem gave them 24 Matnos Kehuna to show that he stands behind them.  The Sifsei Chachomim brings down the full list diving it into three groups.  10 in the Bais HaMikdash, 4 in Yerushalayim, and 10 outside of Yerushalayim. 

10 in the Bais HaMikdash (Kodshei Kodshim)

1.  Meat for the Chatos of an animal
2.  Meat for the Chatos of a bird
3.  Meat from Korban Asham Vadai
4.  Meat from Korban Asham Talui
5.  Meat from Shalmei Tzibur
6.  Oil from the Mitzora
7.  Shtei HaLEchem From Shavuos
8.  Lechem HaPanim
9.  Leftover from Korban Mincha (Shiyarei Mincha)
10.   Minchas HaOmer

4 in Yerushalayim (Kodshim Kalim)

11.  Bechor (first born animal)
12.  Bikurim
13.  Meat from Korban Todah and Ram of a Nazir
14.  Hide of the Korbanos

10 outside of Yerushalayim

15.  Trumah
16.  Trumas Ma'aser (from Levi)
17.  Challah
18.  Reishis HaGeiz (first shearings of sheep)
19.  Zroa L'chayayim Keiva
20.  Pidyon HaBen (First born, who is a son of Yisroel is exchanged for 5 sela)
21.  Pidyon Peter Chamor (first born donkey is exchanged for sheep and given to Kohein)
22.  Sdei HaCheirem
23.  Sdei Achuza (that is made Hekdesh and not redeemed by Yoveil)
24.  Gezel Hager (items stolen and returned to a Ger after he dies without heirs)

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