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77 Mitzvos Aseh That Apply Today
There are 613 (Taryag) Mitzvos, 248 Mitzvos Aseh and 365 Lo Saaseh.  But how many of them apply today?  Some are only in the Bais HaMikdash, others are tumah and tahara, some are incumbent on Bais Din which we don't have because there is no Semicha.  The Chofetz Chaim says that since each mitzva is so precious and we certainly want to do all that is possible he wrote a called Sefer Mitzvos HaKatzer. In it he lists all the mitzvos that apply today.  Surely he says we want to know them well so the opportunity to perform them doesn't slip away.  In it he lists 77 Mitzvos Aseh and 194 Mitzvos Lo Sa'aseh.  The Mitzvos Aseh are listed below.

1.  Believe that there is a Hashem
2.  Believe that He is the one and only Hashem
3.  Love Hashem (to get others to love Him as well)
4.  Fear and awe Hashem
5.  Kiddush Hashem by sacrificing everything including you life
6.  V'Halachta B'Drachav - Emulate Hashem's ways
7.  Daven to Hashem every day
8.  Tefilin Shel Yad - on the arm
9.  Tefilin Shel Rosh - on the head
10.  Wear Tzitzis on a four cornered garment
11.  Say Krias Shema every night and day
12.  Mezuza on the door
13.  Birchas HaMazon after meal
14.  Learning and teaching Torah
15.  Writing a Sefer Torah (also buying seforim)
16.  U'Bo Sidbak - Attach yourself to Tzadikim
17.  Honor and stand for the elderly or learned
18.  Fear and respect of the Mikdash (Bais Knesses/Bais Medrash)
19.  Kiddush and Havdala on Shabbos
20.  Resting from work on Shabbos
21.  V'Samachta B'Chagecha - Be Happy on Yom Tov (Meat and wine, clothing for for wife, sweets for children)
22.  Tashbisu - Destroying Chametz Erev Pesach
23.  Eating Matza on Pesach night
24.  Retelling the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim on Pesach night
25.  Resting from work on the first day of Pesach
26.  Counting Sefiras HaOmer
27.  Resting from work on the last day of Pesach
28.  Resting from work on Shavuos
29.  Resting from work on Rosh Hashana
30.  Hearing the Shofar on Rosh Hashana
31.  Resting from work on Yom Kippur
32.  Fasting on Yom Kippur
33.  Doing Tshuva on Yom Kippur
34.  Resting from work on the first day of Succos
35.  Sitting in the Succah for seven days
36.  Taking the four Minim of Succos (Lulav, Esrog, Hadasim, Aravos)
37.  Resting from work on Shmini Atzeres
38.  Giving Tzedaka to the poor
39.  Keeping your promise
40.  Annulling vows when necessary
41.  Kibud Av V'Eim - Honoring parents
42.  Fearing parents
43.   Pru URivu - Having children
44.  Getting married in accordance with halacha
45.  Yibum - Marrying your childless brother's widowed wife
46.  Chalitza - Freeing your childless brother's widowed wife
47.  Bris Mila - Circumcision for eight day old boy
48.  Shechita - Proper slaughtering of livestock
49.  Kisui HaDam - Covering the blood of slaughtered birds and animals
50.  V'Kidashto - Honoring a Kohen
51.  Zro'a L'Chayayin Keiva - Gift to Kohen from slaughtered animal (not done today except by very few built worthwhile to do)
52.  Reishis HaGaiz - Gift to Kohen of first shearing of wool
53.  Bechor Beheima Tehora - Gift to Kohen of first born kosher animal
54. Pidyon HaBen - Redemption of first born son
55.  Pidyon Peter Chamor - Exchanging first born donkey for lamb and giving it to Kohen
56.  Arifas Peter Chamor - Chopping off the head of first born donkey if you don't redeem it
57.  Challah - Gift to Kohen from fresh dough
58.  Birchas Kohanim
59.  Kohen becomes tamei to his close relatives
60.  V'Ahavta L'Reiacha Kamocha - To love your fellow Jew like yourself
61.  V'Ahavtem Es HaGer - To love a convert
62.  Lending money to those in need
63.  Returning an item used as a guarantee when the lender needs it
64.  Shmitas Kesafim - To forgive loans on Shmitta
65.  Letting a worker eat from the produce of the field
66.  Paying your workers on time that day
67.  Adjudicate buyer/seller disagreements
68.  Returning stolen items
69.  Hashavas Aveida - Returning lost articles
70.  Prika - Unloading the load of a donkey
71.  Ti'ina - Helping load a donkey
72.  Hochacha - To rebuke your friend
73.  Adjudicating inheritances
74.  Shiluach HaKen - Chasing mother bird before taking eggs or youngens
75.  Ma'akeh - Making gates on the roof and making your home safe
76.  Zechiras Amaleik - To remember verbally what Amaleik did
77.  Michiyas Amaleik - To destroy Amaleik

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