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8 Bigdei Kohen Gadol & Their Kapara
The Kohen Gadol's chief role was to bring a kapara to Klal Yisroel through the avodah and the clothing he wore.  He wore eight begadim.  Each one was michaper on a different aveira of Klal Yisroel.

1.  Kutones - Shirt
Shfichas Damim - Murder
2.  Michnasayim - Pants
Giluy Arayos - Illicit Relationships
3.  Mitznefes - Hat
Gasos HaRuach - Haughtiness
4.  Avneit - Belt
Hirhurei Aveira - Thoughts of Sin
5.  Choshen - Breastplate
Ivus HaDin - Corrupt Judgement
6.  Eifod - Apron
Avodah Zara
7.  Me'il - Robe
Lashon Hara
8. Tzitz - Gold Ornament on Forehead
Azus Panim - Audacity

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