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Aseres HaDibros - 10 Commandments In Krias Shema
The Aseres HaDibros are a foundation of Yiddishkeit.  The Ramban shows how all the 613 mitzvos are included within them.  The  gemara (Brachos 12a) says that they used to be said together with Shema in davening.  This practice was stopped since the kofrim would say that only the Aseres HaDibros are true, since that is all Hashem said at Har Sinai. There are minhagim to say Aseres HaDibros everyday (privately as opposed to being a part of davening) and this practice is brought down in SHulchan Aruch.

The Shela HaKadosh in his siddur brings from the Abudraham who brings from other Rishonim that the 10 dibros are hinted at in the first Parsha of Krias Shema.  He says that a person should have in mind the 10 dibros when saying Krias Shema. 

Aseres HaDibros
Hint in Krias Shema
1.  Anochi Hashem ELokecha - I am Hashem
Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu.  We declare Hashem to be Hashem.
2.  Lo Yihiye Licha - Have no other deities.
Hashem Echad - Hashem is the one and only.
3.  Lo Sisa Es Shem Hashem Elokecha LaShav - Swearing Falsely
V'Ahavta Eis Hashem - If you love Hashem you would not swear falsely in His name.
4.  Shamor Es Yom HaShabbos - Keep Shabbos
V'Hayu HaDevarim Ha'eileh Asher Anochi Mitzaveh Eschem HaYom - "Ki Shabbos HaYom" (Bishalach 16:25) Keep the commandements of "the day" of Shabbos.  The Torah was also given on the day of Shabbos as a further hint to Shabbos in these words.
5.  Kabeid Es Avicha - Honor Your Parents
V'Shinantam LiVanecha - Teach them the mitzva of Kibbud Av V'Eim.  BiShivticha B'Veisecha - As they watch you honor your parents they will act accordingly.
6.  Lo Sirtzach - Murder
U'BLechticha - Most murders occur on the road.  Fear Hashem on the road and do not murder.
7.  Lo Sin'af - Adultery
U'Bishachbicha - Watch yourself from in your bed at night.
8.  Lo Signov - Kidnapping
U'Kishartem L'Os Al Yadecha - But do not use your hands for stealing.
9.  Lo Sa'aneh B'Reiacha Eid Shaker - False Testimony
V"Hayu L'Totafos Bein Einecha - Do not testify to what you have not seen with your eyes.
10.  Lo Sachmod - Desiring your friends possessions
Mezuzos Beisecha U'Bisharecha - What's in your house should be sufficient for you.  Do not desire what is in your friend's house.

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