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17 Requirements For Each Mitzva - Sefer Chareidim
The Sefer Chareidim says that when you do a mitzva you must do it B'Shleimus.  There are 17 requirements to doing a mitzva with perfection.  When you do this the mitzva will go up before Hashem and it will be received with Ratzon.  Only then will we avoid embarrassment in the world to come.

It is written that for each mitzva when you come to Shamayim there will be a Bais Din that determines if you have done the mitzva.  Each mitzva though, will have many Batei Din, each one for a specific aspect of that mitzva.  When they ask you if you did a mitzva and you did it out of fear but not out of love for example, the Bais Din of Ahava will determine that you have not performed that mitzva.  This is what will happen in each one of the 17 Batei Dinim.

Read the list an ask yourself, is there any mitzva that I have really done B'Shleimus? 

1. Kavana to be Yotzei the Mitzva Like the Rif, Rambam, and Ramban who pasken Mitzvos Tzrichos Kavana.
2. Yirah With trepidation and awe
3. Ahava
With love
4. Simcha The Arizal said that everything he accomplished was a reward for his extreme happiness while performing mitzvos.
5. Kula V'Lo Miktzsa
Completeness.  HaMaschil BaMitzva Omrim Lo G'mor. If you start you must complete it.
6. Dikduk
Exactness.  You must do it with every detail and every halacha.
7. Ritza V'Redifa
You must run after it and chase it.
8. B'Yado V'Lo B'Shliach
You must do it yourself and not with a representative even though you are yotzei.
9. Ein Ma'avirin Al HaMitzvos
You must do the mitzva as soon as the opportunity arises and not do a later mitzva first.
10. Ein Osin Mitzvos Chavilos
You must perform mitzvos one at a time and not two together.
11. Kavod HaMitzva
You must do it with dignity.  For example Kisui HaDam with your hands and not with you feet.
12. Mitzva Haba L'Yado Al Tachmitzena
Don't procrastinate.  Do it right away.
13.  Mamtim U'Mishtokek
Anxiously await the mitzva.
14. Hidur Mitzva 
Zeh Keili V'Anveihu.  Beautify the mitzva.
15. Zerizus
Do it bright and early.  Zerizim Makdimin L'Mitzvos.
16. Chabura
Doing a mitzva B'Tzibbur is greater than doing it alone.  Especially when it comes to Talmud Torah.
17. Pay For It
The Zohar says that by paying full price an not trying to bargain, you remove the Ruach Tuma from the mitzva.  Do not fret over the money.

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