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Money Matters - Found coupons
Submitted by Ahron  Answered by Rav Yehonoson Hool
Answer: The answer to this question probably depends on the intention of the store that issues the card. Do they intend to award discounts to any bearer of the card, or rather only to the frequent customer, with the card being merely a proof that one is indeed a frequent customer?
I imagine that the store owner has the latter in mind. Admittedly, if one customer fills out the whole card with frequent purchases, the store owner may well be indifferent if this customer sells or gives the card on to someone else, but if any single customer only filled out some of the card, the owner may well not want to grant any freebies to someone else who fills out only the other part of the card. Similarly, in the case of someone who didn't make any purchases at all but merely found the card already filled out.
Want to know for sure? Why not phone the store owner and ask if he is willing to give the discount to whoever finds the card?
posted:2008-12-18 13:52:09