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Halacha - solution to kol koreh on Shabbos-mode ovens
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

I'm not going to publicly take sides on a machlokes between Gedolei HaDor, but I will point out that Reb Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zatzal clearly would have agreed with Rav Heineman yblc and permitted. There is a very basic disagreement between Reb Shlomo Zalman zatzal and Reb Elyashiv yblc on the definition of grama, whether a machine designed to work through grama still has the heter of grama. My understanding of the "tweaker" is that it does not resolve the main grama issue, only the side problem of pushing buttons. Therefore, while someone who conducts himself according to the psak of Rav Heineman may gain an added benefit by installing the "tweaker", I don't see how someone who follows Rav Elyashiv's psak could rely on it.

posted:2008-08-03 05:14:58