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Section: Questions   Category: Chinuch
Chinuch - Sefer Chareidim
Submitted by michael  Answered by Revach Editor

Sholom Michael,

There may be an English translation but I am unaware of it.

 As far as the body parts categorized by the Chareidim his breakdown includes, heart, eyes, ears, mouth & windpipe, food pipe, nose, hands, feet, and reproductive organ.  

He does not list back, spine, or neck separately.  The gemara however says that bowing properly by Shmoneh Esrei effects the back/spine.  Wiht regard to the neck, the Smak brings that there is an aveira of being stiff necked, V'arpichem Lo Sakshu Od (Devarim 10:16).  This he says means to love to hear rebuke and love those who rebuke you.

I hope this helps.  Hatzlacha Rabba,


posted:2011-02-05 07:01:48

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