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Section: Questions   Category: Miscellaneous
TAGS:religion  sin  tshuva
Miscellaneous - looking for answers
Submitted by Steven Gonzalez  Answered by Revach Editor
Answer: 1.  I was born to a Jewish mother.
2.  The one and only the creator and sustainer of the universe and everything in it every single second.
3.  Pure mercy.  Forgiveness is not logical.  A person should cease to exist the moment he violates the will of his Creator and the One sustaining him every second.  To sin requires power of which God is granting every moment.  It is mind boggling that we have the power to sin!!
4.  If a day goes by in which a person's belief does not grow, he has not lived that day.  Rabbi Saadia Gaon a tenth century Rabbi repented bitter tears every day, that based on his new understanding of God, his service from the day before was inadequate.
5.  Maimonidies says that Monotheistic religions are better placed to understand God when he reveals himself to the world.  Believing in one God is required by every human being.  That means that this must be easy to achieve if one's eyes are even slightly open and he searches for the truth.
6.   To understand with honesty and clarity what God demands of me each moment of my life and to want to run do it.
posted:2010-02-05 21:45:34

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