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Section: Questions   Category: Miscellaneous
TAGS:Kever Rochel  Kosel HaMaaravi  Tehilim
Miscellaneous - prayers at Kotel
Submitted by Sheila  Answered by Revach Editor

Sholom Sheila,

Tehilim (Psalms) are always good to say.  Dovid haMelech wrote it with divine inspiration and these prayers are always answered.  Sometimes in ways we see and sometimes in ways we do not.  They never go to waste.  Of course if you do not know the meaning in Lashon Kodesh it is always nice to have an English translation so that you say it with more understanding and feeling.

Prayer from the heart is also very desirable in Hashem's eyes.  Feel free to speak to Hashem in your own language and tell him how you feel.  He is our Father in Heaven and is the only one that has ability to fulfill your wishes if He sees fit.  Relate to Him as such and he will respond in kind.

One more tip.  Hashem loves when you daven for all of His children while you are at it, so please include all Jews in your prayers as well. Also say a prayer for the redemption.  Hashem's honor should be the most important thing in your eyes so don't forget that.
Hatzlacha Rabba!

posted:2010-01-29 09:09:41

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