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Section: Questions   Category: Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous - kiddush
Submitted by anonymous  Answered by Rabbi Tzvi Frank

Funny you should ask.

I just heard about a Rabbeinu Gershon at the end of the 5th perek in Bava Basra I believe Daf 65 when the gemara talks about Boaz had 60 children. 30 boys and 30 girls, the gemara says that Boaz made 120 seudos. There is a machlokes Rishonim exactly when those seudos were made. R"G holds that 60 were made at their births and 6 at their chasunah. We clearly see then, that Boaz made a kiddush at the births of his daughters.

There is also a drisha in hilchos kvura, that equates the naming of a girl to the naming of a boy at the bris milah, ad kdai kach that he feels you are mavirin es hachasan for the purpose of naming the girl just as you are mavirin es hachasan mipnei bris milah.

I have heard one interpretation of this drisha, that he equates the naming of the girl to the bris milah itself, for if not how are mavirin es hachasan for the naming of the girl? How can you bring proof from bris milah if by bris milah we al kol ponim have the mitzva of the milah? Apparently the drisha held that naming the girl is in place of the milah itself.

Although we don't see a kiddush specifically spelled out here, we do see that it is considered like the bris which does have a seudah.

Hope this helps!


posted:2008-05-03 22:57:02

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