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Halacha - Semach Ishto
Submitted by Y.  Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

The Chinuch in Mitvos 581 & 582 writes that the 2 mitzvos mentioned in the Torah 1)To leave town and travel far away 2) To make ones wife happy, are still applicable these days.

The Aruch Hashulchan (EH 64/4) rules that included in keeping her happy is too give her enjoyment and satisfy her wishes as much as possible. Similarly the Yeraim (Mitzva 190) says that one is obligated during first year of marrige to do for his wife anything which will bring her simcha.

However tha Chasam Sofer EH 195 the Radvaz 1:231 and the Smag write that these two Mitzvos only apply when there is Malchus Bais Dovid and are therefore not applicable these days.

Interesting is that the Chasam Sofer points out (as does the Aruch Hashulchan EH 64) that this that it is forbidden for a husband to abandon his wife and go to war is only if the war broke out after they got married. Otherwise she entered marrige on the understanding that he would be going to war. Similarly regarding business If the husband was going on long business trips before their wedding he may continue doing so during Shana Rishona (after Sheva Brochos of course).

This is all the letter of the halacha, however one must take into account practical considerations. Today people are more emotionally delicate and often immature when getting married. For example I have heard that R' Volbe zatzal said that today shana rishona applies for 3-5 years. So use a healthy dose of commen sense and remember that this is the foundation of a marrige and must be taken seriously.

posted:2008-04-29 17:06:17