Section:  Avodah   Category: 13 Middos
Tomer Devora Midda 5: Time For Plan "B" - The Floodgates of Kindness

Hashem does not punish us as a means of meting out revenge. He punishes in order to push us back to the right path. It is all for our good. What happens if Hashem subjects us to horrible misery yet we still don't return? Hashem cries "Lashav Hikeisi Es Bineichem Mussar Lo Lukachu"; for naught I punished your children since you did not learn your lesson. In that case a different tactic is called for; incredible mercy and kindness even if we are totally undeserving. Sometimes that can make us realize that we have Father in Heaven and cause us come back to him with our whole heart. The Michtav MeiEliyahu uses this concept to explain our sudden return to Eretz Yisroel after the Holocaust.  (V'Halachta B'Drachav)

This is the 5th middah, "Lo Hechezik Lo'ad Apo", Hashem does not stay angry forever. Even if you haven't corrected anything, Hashem's anger will dissipate. From here we learn says the TOmer Devora that not always must we discipline with an iron fist. We should try to bring our children and our colleagues closer by showering them with endless love. If it can achieve the same results, why not?