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A Night to Remember All Year Round

On the revered night of Lel HaSeder on Pesach we have a special mitzvah of Sipur Yetzias Mitzrayim, telling the story of how we were rescued from Mitzrayim. Yet every day of the year we have what seems to be the same mitzvah of Zechiras Yetzias Mitzrayim, which we fulfill by mentioning it in Krias Shema. What makes Pesach special and what is the difference?

One of the answers given is that on Pesach we retell in detail the entire story and relive it as if it happened to us. To do this is not practical on a regular basis, nor would it be productive since it would lose its special excitement. Once we have done this on Pesach, it is sufficient each day to "remind" ourselves of what we spent hours discussing on Pesach night. All we need to do is make reference to it and we've accomplished our goal. That is why the mitzvah on Pesach is Sipur to "retell", while all year the mitzvah is "zechirah" simply a reminder.

Maybe we can add that on Pesach there is a Mitzvah to envision oneself leaving Mitzrayim. This is not just the a duty of the imagination. Many great people take it a step further and spend time discussing how Hashem rescued them from their own personal Mitzrayim.

Going through life we each have our own trials and tribulations and Pesach is a time to reflect on how at the time, we thought we would never see daylight, yet somehow things sorted themselves out and we are still standing. We have made it to another Pesach despite it all. We have much to thank Hashem each year on Pesach night. Just as he rescued our forefathers, even today He continues to rescue us in our darkest hour.

If we take advantage of Pesach and recognize Hashem's redemption in our own personal lives, then Zechiras Yetzias Mitzrayim each morning and evening takes on a new dimension. When we wake up to face another rough day we can take solace in the fact that we personally have witnessed Hashem rescue us when we thought there was no hope. And when we end a most difficult day that didn't turn out the way we needed it to, we comfort ourselves in knowing that Hashem is watching us and in due time it will all be for the good!