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The Chortkover Rebbe Sends Regards to Hashem in America

A man living in Vienna was struggling to support his family. He decided that his fortune lies overseas in the Guldineh Medina of America, so he bought a ticket travel there and start anew. While he was not one to run to Rebbes before making important decisions, he decided to heed his friends advice and go to the saintly Chortkover Rebbe for a Bracha before embarking on his new life.

He was greeted very cordially be the Rebbe who gave him a heartwarming bracha for his success. On his way out the Rebbe stopped him and said, "When you get to America please sends regards to Hashem." The man a bit befuddled turned to the Rebbe and asked, "Why? Is there a different Hashem in America then in Vienna?" The Rebbe then retorted and said, "If the same Hashem is in Vienna, why do you need to go America for Him to give you parnassa?"

[Ed. note the story as cited above is complete and nothing more needs to be added. For the sake of closure and for those who enjoy a good ending we will continue.] The man took the Rebbe's message to heart and decided to stay in Vienna, accepting the loss of the money he spent on the boat ticket to America. The name of the boat was "The Titanic".

Important Note: Stories are not checked for factual accuracy and are told as heard and remembered through the generations. It is the lesson that can be learned from the stories that we strive to pass on.