Section:  Avodah   Category: Innocent Observations
We Will All Be Robbed One Day

There is a famous story about a professor who gets up in front of his class with a big empty jar. He fills it to the top with a couple of large rocks. He then asks the class if the jar is full and they all respond affirmatively. He then takes out a bag of pebbles and pours it in and the same scene repeats itself. He then pours in sand with same result. Only after finally pouring water into the jar is the professor satisfied that the jar is full.

Let's borrow this parable in a negative way. If someone loses his job and ends up using all his savings, he will tell you that he is broke. If that night burglars break into his house and steal all his valuable jewelry and silver, he will then realize that he wasn't really broke since he had valuables worth a small fortune, and only now is he truly penniless. If the next week a fire breaks out and consumes his home with all its contents including furniture and clothing, while standing bereft of everything in the street as the fire man pour water on the charred remains of his home, he will realize that yesterday he was rich and only now he has absolutely nothing.

But I ask you, is he correct? Not even close! Why? What possibly could be next? When a person dies his soul, his essence will stand outside the physical world and peer down longing for the only home, the only existence it is familiar with. His neshama will desperately try to re-enter his dead corpse, for how else can it function. It will hover over his home, for where else can he go. But it will all be to no avail. All things physical have been taken from him and he is powerless to participate in this world anymore. The physical world is no longer his oyster. His body which was given to him on loan has been taken back. Just like someone whose home was robbed, he will literally turn over heaven and earth to catch those responsible and have all that was his returned to him, but obviously to no avail.

Sometimes when we go through the bumps in life we wonder why it is all worth it. We lose our lust for life, as happiness fades far into the rear view mirror. But all that is quite narrow minded for we still possess the greatest possession of them all. Any given moment is a grand opportunity to celebrate life itself. So make the best of every minute, for it would be a shame to only reflect on it when it is too late.