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True Bitachon: What Tuesday Parshas HaMan Reveals in Us
Judging from the amount of email reminders each one of us received today reminding us about the supposed segula of saying Parsha HaMan on Tuesday of Parshas Bishalach it seem like many people feel that saying Parshas HaMan is like picking up a check in the bank. They cling to it, believing it to be the source of their income. Whether this attitude is correct or not is not the subject of this article but there is a great lesson to be learned in what real bitachon is about.

The Medrash tells us that when Hashem commanded a trapped Bnei Yisroel to go into the raging sea everyone stood at the edge scared to go in. Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz asks how is it that the children of Avrohom who were imbued with a a willingness to sacrifice their lives in Hashem's honor, were suddenly hesitant to listen to His clear command?

He answers that Yitzchok's command was to die Al Kiddush Hashem, whereas at the Yam Suf Hashem did not ask Bnei Yisroel to drown themselves in the Yam, on the contrary, He told them to go into the Yam and walk on the Cherava, the dry land. He demanded not a sacrifice but unequivocal belief in His ability to totally change nature on a moments notice. Until Nachshon ben Aminadav jumped in, no one was capable of putting their foot in the water with one hundred percent belief that they were going onto dry land.

In our job and our lives there are times where Halacha or Hashkafa seem to stand in the way of our parnassa. There are many fine people that past these tests and do not submit to there fears and desires. They are willing to sacrifice their jobs and careers not to violate Hashem's will.

Yet there is a much higher level of bitachon, the belief in the word of Hashem. The belief that following the Torah guidelines does not conflict with our ability to earn parnassa but rather advances it, even if it doesn't look quite that way. The belief that the Torah created the world and is the secret to success in nature not in spite of it. V'Chai Bahem says the pasuk, Torah gives life! Im Shamoa Tishma, if you heed my command, you will be blessed with an abundant crop. Hahsem promises real Gashmiyus!

Our belief in Parshas HaMan shows us that we are capable in believing in the Divine as a fact of life. Our challenge is to believe in more basic desires of Hashem. We need to express this same belief when putting borders on our work, knowing when to start and when to stop. Knowing when to learn and when to daven and when to spend time with our family. Knowing which business practices to accept and which to reject, even if it looks like we can turn a quick profit. We need to do these things as a business strategy, believing full well that the business rules that the Torah teaches are far more effective than what they teach in the best universities. That is called V'Chai Bahem. That is Mesirus Nefesh as we learned it at Krias Yam Suf.