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Parshas Vayikra: Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz - Hashem's Korban Is Adam

Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz says that it is known that when Hashem commands us to do something, He does it himself first to set an example. Where then do we find that Hashem brought a Korban?

Rav Yehonoson says that we find this by Nadav and Avihu, who were the Korban of Hashem. Hashem showed us that a Korban must be pure and clean and because of this He chose these two Tzaddikim who had the Neshama of Adam. Moshe understanding this concept, said to Aharon after their death that he was sure the Korban would be himself or Aharon and didn't realize what great tzaddikim Nadav and Avihu were that they surpassed their father and uncle.

With this Rav Yehonoson explains the first pasuk of Vayikra to show that Hashem indeed brought a Korban before Bnei Yisroel. "Adam Ki Yarkriv Mikem Korban Lashem", Hashem's korban was from us, specifically Nadav and Avihu who had the neshama of Adam. However, continues the pasuk, "Min HaBeheima... Takrivu Es Korbanchem", Bnei Yisroel should bring a korban from animals.