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Parshas Ki Sisa: Rav Shimon Schwab - Mordechai's Brings Real Freedom For His Nation

The germara in CHulin 139b says that Mordechai HaTzaddik is hinted at in the Torah in the pasuk (Ki Sisa 30:23) of the sweet fragrance used for the Shemen Mishcha called "Mor Dror". The Targum is Meira Dachya which sounds like "Mordechai". Rashi says the Mor Dror is the first of the Besamim as are the Tzaddikim.

Rav Shimon Schwab asks why do we need to base this on the Targum and not suffice with the words of the Torah? He answers that Dror means freedom. We may mistakenly think that Mordechai's greatness was that he helped Klal Yisroel gain a measure of freedom. In reality they were still slaves of Achashveirosh even after Haman's downfall. Rather Mordechai's greatness was that he helped Klal Yisroel gain spiritual freedom and kept them pure which is the meaning of the word "Dachya" that Targum uses to translate Dror.

The meaning of true freedom for Klal Yisroel as transmitted from generation to generation has nothing to do with our political status or self governance in our own homeland. the only true freedom is breaking free from the pressures around us to serve Hashem with purity. This freedom can be achieved anytime and anywhere under any circumstances. We need not the recognition of the world not do we need definable borders. Mordechai taught us this in the dark Galus of Paras, and with that became the true father of the nation and model for all future true Jewish revolutionaries.