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Parshas Pinchos: Maharsham - A Strange Medrash That Proves Eliyahu is Pinchos

The Medrash Plia says that if you want to prove that Pinchos is Eliyahu, you see it from the Pasuk in Devarim (1:1), "Eileh HaDvarim Asher Diber Moshe."  What does this mean?

The Maharsham explains that the Ran says in his Drashos, "The reason why we mix the foul smelling Chelbana into the beautiful smelling Kitores is because everything is strengthened by its polar opposite. The Chelbana brings out a more powerful smell from the other spices."

Similarly, Moshe Rabbeinu was a Kvad Peh, he had a speech impediment. This speech impediment brought out the greatest speech ever in the Aseres HaDibros and in his conveying the Torah to Bnei Yisrael in Arvos Mo'av in Sefer Devarim.

Eliyahu brings peace to the world. We see from Moshe's speech in Devarim that Pinchos who murdered Zimri must be Eilyahu, and that violent act was the catalyst that made him the great peacemaker Eliyahu.