Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Story
Parshas Acharei Mos: Rav Moshe Of Kobrin Teaches The Snoring Old Man How To Live

Rav Moshe Of Kobrin walked into the Bais Medrash and saw an old man hunched over a sefer learning. The old man would doze off and shortly thereafter jump up and scream at himself, "What will be with you? At the end you will die and you still have so much to learn!" He would then start learning again until dozing off again, with this whole scene repeating tiself over and over.

Rav Moshe walked over to him and said, "Reb Yid, that is not the way. What you should say to yourself when you wake up is, "I need to live, and a life of dozing is not living!"

The pasuk (Acharei Mos 18:5) says, "Asher Yaaseh Oisam HaAdam VaChai Bahem." Perform the mitzvos because that is real life, and not because it is a nest egg for after death. (Yagdil Torah)