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Shaarei Tzvi - Unlocking The Best Kept Secret In Megilas Esther

Every now and theb there is a Chazal that drops a bombshell, which changes everything you everything. Its implications are far reaching and force you to go back and rethink each scenario that it applies. One such Chazal is the one in Esther Rabba (3:10) that says that every time the Megila says HaMelech without Achashveirosh it truly refers to Hashem, whose name is not written in the Megila. Well there are 169 instances of this so we just take it for granted.

However a curiosity remains as to how would the Megila be read according to this Medrash. Rav Menachem Tzvi Roter the son of Rav Ahron Yeshaya Roter of Shaarei Aharon fame, wrote a Sefer called Shaarei Tzvi where he goes through almost of the HaMelechs and explains according to Medrashim and other Meforshim in each instance how HaMelech refers to Hashem.

This work is not only is it fascinating because of its subject matter and approach, but it is also integral to the proper understanding of the greatness of the miracle of Purim. Purim is a miracle done from behind the scenes and if we dont understand Hashem's hidden role then indeed it because just another story whose twists and turns have a happy ending. However this is far from the truth and we need to examine Hashem's active role every step of the way.

So for those of you who have been waiting years for a Sefer like this, hurry there is still some time before Purim to enjoy!