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Alshich - Why Didn't Hashem Didn't Choose Communism

Dovid HaMelech asks Hashem (Tehilim 61:8) according to the Medrash Tanchuma, "Yeisheiv Olam Lifnei Elokim", let all humanity live on equal footing before you Hashem. Why should there be poor people and rich people? Can Hashem not ensure that everyone has the same amount? Hashem answered him "Chesed VeEmes Man Yintzruhu", then who will perform Chesed?

The world is about Chesed and in an equal world, Chesed opportunities are few and far between. Surely there is a rhyme and reason why some people are poor and some are rich. This has to do with each person individually and his mission in life. However says the Alshich (Behar 25:35), Hashem could have made life difficult for the Ani in other ways. The reason he chose to inflict him with poverty is strictly for the benefit of the people with money who are capable of helping him out.

So next time a poor person asks you for help do not judge him. Do not give him the look that says "I worked for my money and what exactly do you do besides shnorr". If it weren't for you he wouldn't be a begging either. This is all about you and it is your big opportunity. The Ani will not be any better or worse off whether you answer or reject his plea for assistance. You will!