Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Haftorah
Shabbos Nachamu: Chasam Sofer - Nechama Is Only For The Dead
"Kol Omer Krah V'Amar Mah Ekra... Yavesh Chatzir Navel Tzitz; A voice said to call, what shall I call.... the grass withers and the flower fades." (Yeshaya 40:8).  The Chasam Sofer asks, "If Hashem told Yeshaya to call out then surely Hashem told him what to call out.  Why does Yeshaya ask, 'Ma Ekra' what shall I call out?"

The Chasam Sofer asks that Kol Amar Kra goes on the beginning of the Nevua where Hashem told Yeshaya to call out, "Nachamu Nachamu Ami; Be comforted My nation."  Yeshaya did not understand this Nevua since Nechama means to be comforted over those who died.  There is no Nechama for the living.  The Bais HaMikdash although destroyed, will be rebuilt in all it splendor in the days of Moshiach. "Ma Ekra?" asks Yeshaya, "How can there be a Nechama on a Mikdash that is not dead?"

The answer is that all the handiwork of man does not last.  This applies even to the Bais HaMikdash that was destroyed.  It was destroyed forever.  The future Bais HaMikdash will be the handiwork of Hashem, "Mikdash Hashem Koninu Yadecha; The future Bais HaMikdash will be established by the word of Hashem." (Bishalach 15:17).  This is a totally new Mikdash and not related to the old one that is no longer.  

Hashem answers, "Kol HaBasar Chatzir V'Chol Chasdo Ktzitz HaSadeh; All flesh is like grass and the Chesed like the flower of the field."  The Mikdash Sheini was man made and its total existence is no better than grass or flowers.  "Yavesh Chatzir Navel Tzitz; The grass wilts and the flowers fade."  Hashem therefore says to Yeshaya, "You must console the Yidden on their Bais HaMikdash since indeed this one is never coming back again."