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B'tzel HaChochma: Schar Pesios With A Car? Sorry, You Need To Walk

The Gemara in Sotah says that there was a widow who walked beyond her neighborhood to daven at Rebbi Yochanan's Shul. When he asked her why, she reasoned that she would get rewarded for each step (Schar Pesios). From this widow says the gemara, we can learn the extent of the schar we receive. The Magen Avrohom says (90:22) that if there are two shuls there is a mitzvah to go to the further one because of schar pesios. (There are many guidelines to this rule that should be noted before making any decisions.)

There is a klal that "rochev k'mihalech dami". In halacha, a person sitting and riding has the din of someone who is walking. However paskens the Btzel Hachochma (4:22), that although if you drive to shul you are technically considered to be walking, you nevertheless do not get scar pesios. This is because the reward is for exerting yourself and showing extra love for the mitzvah which you haven't done. Therefore if possible it is worthwhile to leave the car home and go by foot to shul.

Important Note: We try to convey the Tshuva to the best of our ability. We admit that our understanding may not be accurate. Please also understand that this Tshuva may not be the final word on this topic. One should consult a Rav before drawing any conclusions.