Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
Parshas Bichukosai: Rav Shimon Schwab - The Weaklings On The Front Lines Of The Battle
"V'Radfu Mikem Chamisha Mei'a" (Bichukosai 26:8). When Bnei Yisroel keeps the Torah, five soldiers will chase 100 enemy soldiers. Rashi writes that this refers to the weak soldiers and not the strong ones. What are weak soldiers doing on the battle field, asks Rav Shimon Schwab?

He answers that the Brachos were given, "Im Bichukosai Teileichu". Rashi says that means "Shetihiyu Ameilim BaTorah", when we toil in Torah learning. We know that "Torah Mateshes Koichoi Shel Adam", learning torah saps a persons strength (Sanhedrin 26b). It is these weak Amalei Torah who will be our soldiers and will miraculously win every battle and wipe out our enemies. This is why Rashi says it will be the weak ones.

The end of the pasuk continues "U'Mei'ah Miken Rivava Yirdofu", and one hundred of you will chase ten thousand. This is of much greater proportion than five to one hundred. Rashi comments on the strength of the army of the Amalei Torah. Rashi explains that one cannot compare the power of a few people who learn to that of many who learn. The power of a Bais Medrash that is full of weaklings wall to wall effects the world in a way that is immeasurably greater than that of a few lamdanim sitting in one corner. When the many talmidim go out to fight and squint in the bright sunlight, they will wreak much greater havoc, proportionally, than if they were a small group.