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The Brisker Drasha - Quick & Short, No Time To Nap
The Brisker way was to say short Drashos.  As the Brisker Rov would say, the goal is to reach the truth, which can be done quickly with few words.  At the wedding of the Brisker Rov's son Reb Dovid, the Chosson stood up and gave a drasha as was the minhag back then.  The son of the great Brisker Rov gave a drasha that lasted a whole of seven minutes.

There was an Adam Gadol who was present who expressed surprise to the Chosson about the brevity of his Drasha.  Reb Dovid did not respond and neither did the Brisker Rov.  This Gadol then again commented and said that it was befitting the son of the Brisker Rov to give a longer Drasha.  At this point the Brisker Rov became a bit agitated in his seat but still remained quiet.

When this Gadol did not give up and made his third remark about the length of the Drasha, the Brisker Rov broke his silence.  He said, "Does one need to speak longer?  I was at a Chasuna where the Chosson spoke so long that I had time to fall asleep and even wake up again.  Even after I awoke the Chosson still had nothing to say."  (Rav Moshe Shmuel Shapira - Zahav MiShva)