Section:  Avodah   Category: Tefila
Biurei Tefila: Baruch She'Amar - Strength To Carry On

In Baruch She'Amar we praise Hashem with a series of "Baruch"s for creating the world, having mercy on us, rewarding his followers etc. On peculiar "Baruch" is "Baruch Goizer U'Mikayem" praise for keeping his decrees. Wouldn't we be happier if Hashem did not go forward with the bad decrees?

The Skulener Rebbe answers that the word Mikayem does not refer to Hashem keeping his decree but rather being "Mikayem" the person throughout the decree. Many times a person is faced with a very difficult situation that by nature they ordinarily would not be able to deal with. Nevertheless, we often see that somehow that person gets supernatural strength and surprises all those around them with their ability to deal with it. This strength comes from Hashem. That is what we thank him for. Praised is Hashem who even when He gives us a bad decree he is also Mikayem us; he gives us the strength to carry on.