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Parshas Mishpatim: Chasam Sofer - The Mizbei'ach Does In The Murderer
"V'Chi Yazid Ish Al Rei'eihu Lihorgoi B'Arma Mei'im Mizbichi Tikachenu Lamus", if a man plots against his friend to kill him with trickery, take him from My Mizbei'ach and put him to death (Mishpatim 21:14).  What is the connection between murder and the Mizbei'ach?

The Chasam Sofer explains that the gemara (Chulin 11a) learns that we go by the majority from the head of a Korban Olah.  The head is placed on the Mizbei'ach whole.  How do we know the animal was not a treifah?  We see that we follow the majority.  This is how we can put a man to death for murder even though there is no clear way to prove the man was not a treifa before the murder, which in that case the murderer would not be put to death.

This is the what the pasuk refers to, "Lihorgoi B'Arma", to kill a man with trickery by claiming that he was a treifa.  It won't work says the Pasuk.  "Mei'im Mizbichi Tikachenu Lamus" we learn from the head of Olah that is brought on the Mizbei'ach that the claim of Treifa will not help and the murderer must be killed.