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Is Procter & Gamble Really The Biggest Ad Spender?
To broadcast a 30 second message to 100 million people around the world costs million.  Seems like a lot of money but actually it is only 3 cents per person.  According to the most optimistic estimates only 50% of the people are actually paying attention to the message which means the cost is actually 6 cents per person.  And that doesn't include the million dollar price tag for production.  It also doesn't guarantee any impact or return on your money.  If the impact were guaranteed the price tag would be much higher.  If only we could own the rights to a single 30 second spot, most of us would go on vacation for the rest of the year.  

But if we think about it, we are all the owners of a more valuable broadcast network.  Not only that but our exclusive advertising customer has so many commercials He wants to broadcast, as well as an unlimited supply of money to pay for it.  By now you've probably guessed that the advertiser is Hashem who wants to broadcast his Torah to the entire Briah.  And we are the network on which He chose to do it.

When we learn Torah we don't just reach 100 million people.  The impact of every word affects all 6 billion people walking on planet earth.  Our Torah touches all the animals and birds as well as the fish in the sea.  Our Torah shakes the stars, of which there are estimated to be around at least 10 Septillion (22 zeros).  Every word of Torah affects the entire Briah.  

We are incredibly fortunate that Hashem has chosen us as His broadcasters.  Moreover our big time for broadcasting is not limited to three hours a year.  We can broadcast messages anytime and anywhere for far more than million per half a minute.  Hashem will fund it all   At six cents per impression for 30 seconds, that is a dollar figure with lot of zeros after it.  Hashem pay much more than that though, and is happy to do so.  In fact He begs and pleads with us to keep our transmitters up and running day and night.  One would think that with a situation like that there would be more Torah in the world than Coca Cola.  It is time for us to wake up before he big game is over.