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Ben Yehoada: How Shabbos Can Make Your Dreams Come True
"Kol HaMi'aneg Es HaShabbos Nosnim Lo Mishalos Libo", whoever delights the Shabbos will be granted the wishes in his heart (Shabbos 118b).  This is quite a reward as it is chosen by the person himself rather than fixed.  Why is this so and how does this work?

The Ben Ish Chai in the Ben Yehoada says that delighting Shabbos does not mean with actions or words.  What we do and how we speak is not called delighting Shabbos, it is required by halacha.  Delight is like the whipped cream, it is over and above what you are required to do.  Chazal tell us that on Shabbos we may not speak about Devarim Shel Chol, however Hirhurim Mutarim, thinking is not forbidden.  Therefore says the Ben Yehoada, delighting the Shabbos means that even your thoughts are about Shabbos and your weekday thoughts of business and the like are banished from your mind.  That is Oneg, that is delight!

Hashem rewards us Midah K'Neged Midah.  For resting the heart and mind from weekday activity, we are rewarded with being granted the wishes of the heart and mind.  He says there is a remez for this in the hours of Shabbos.  Shabbos itself is 24 hours.  Add the seven hours on Erev Shabbos starting with the fifth hour of the day when the light of Shabbos begins to set in on the world plus the one hour after Shabbos that we cut into, to be Mosif Kodesh Al HaChol, give us 32 the gematria of the word "Lev".

So if you have big plans for Motzaei Shabbos or upcoming business or vacation the next week, or if you bought a lottery ticket, don't even think about it on Shabbos.   Then your dreams will come true!