Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Quick Vort
Parshas Vayichi: Bais HaLevi - After Yaakov The Shevatim Suffer From The Hand of Yosef
The Shevatim were scared that after Yaakov was buried Yosef would avenge their selling him.  They told him that Yaakov asked him to forgive them.  Yosef answers, "Al Tira'u", do not be afraid.  "Anochi Achalkel Eschem", I will support and feed you (Vayichi 50:21).

The Iturei Torah brings in the name of the Bais HaLevi that the gemara says in Beitza (32), "Kol HaMitzapeh L'Shulchan Acheirim Olam Choshech BaAdo", whoever is lives off of someone else's generosity lives in a very dark world.  He explains that Yosef told the Shevatim, do not be afraid of my wrath.  You already have your punishment.  I, Yosef who you threw into the pit and sold into slavery will support and sustain all of you.