Section:  Avodah   Category: Innocent Observations
Crowning Hashem With The Triple Crown
Between us and the Malachim we have it all covered.  In the Piyut we say on Rosh Hashana the repeating pattern is that the Malachim say "Hashem Melech", Hashem is King.  People say, "Hashem Malach" Hashem was always King.  Together we both say, "Hashem Yimloch", Hashem will be King.  Why is it that we speak of the future and the past and the Malachim speak of the future and the present?

Maybe we can offer as follows.  A Malach is a creature of the present.  He lives in world of "here and now".  He has his instructions cut out for him and he need not examine the past to know what to do.  He has a clear vision of the world and Hashem's command and control, and he goes about doing his job.

Us people have perfect hindsight.  We are the first to admit that we experienced amazing Hashgacha Pratis as things fall into place and we realize that everything was for the best.  We are also happy to throw the future into Hashem's lap, B'Ezras Hashem and Im Yirtzeh Hashem.  Our trouble starts when we need to deal with the present.  Suddenly things seem very murky.  Why this and why that.  If only things would be different.  We try with all our might to change our present to something more suitable for "our on good".  The All Mighty and All Good Hashem somehow fades into the backdrop as we assume control and set things right by ourselves.  "Hashem Melech" is clearly not our strong point.  It seems that we are far better at "Malach" and "Yimloch" due its theoretical nature, rather than the very practically demanding "Hashem Melech".

We just completed Rosh HaShana where we crowned Hashem our King.  We are headed for Yom Kippur where we will spend the day in Shul subsisting without food like a Malach, dressed like a Malach, and we will even crown Hashem with the Malach's secret Tefila.  "Boruch Shem K'vod Malchuso L'Olam Va'ed", let the name of Hashem's Kingdom be blessed forever.  Let's be like a Malach and mean what we say accepting Hashem's malchus both for the future as well as the present, no matter what. No let's be even better and say and believe Hashem Melech, Hashem Malach, Hashem Yimloch LiOlam Vaed".  Then we personally will be zocheh to glorify Hashem with the entire triple Crown.