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Parshas Nitzavim: Maharal MiPrague - When The Nations Return From Their Galus
"V'Shav Hashem Elokecha Es Shivushcha"; Hashem will return us from the Galus (Nitzavim 30:3).  Rashi in his second pshat says that returning people from exile is very difficult and Hashem himself must take each person by the hand, kviyachol.  Rashi adds that this holds true even by the exile of other nations like it says, "VShavti Es Shevus Amon".  Why is it this so hard and is Bnei Yisroel just like every other nation?

The Maharal MiPrague explains that Hashem created the world with a certain world order and each nation is put in its right place.  When any nation goes into exile it is a contradiction to the world order and against the will of Hashem.  Therefore when they are returned to their place Hashem is more at rest kviyachol.  This is why Hashem himself worries about the return and it says "V'Shavti".

When Bnei Yisroel goes into galus it is against world order and Seder Bireishis, as Yisroel who are the focal point of the world need to be in Eretz Yisroel the center of the world.  When we go into Galus, Hashem's honor which is bestowed upon us is dragged into galus with us.  When we return it says more than "V'Shavti".  It says, "V'Shav Hashem Elokecha", not only does He bring us back from Galus, but he brings His exiled honor back with us.