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The Gerer Rebbe Knows When A Good Apple Will Do The Trick

In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Rav Simcha Bunim Alter Lev Simcha MiGur, let me share with you a story I heard last week about the Gerrer Rebbe ZYA. from Harav Yitzchok Zilberstein Shlita.

A family with six growing children lived in a tiny 2-bedroomed apartment and they desperately needed to build an extension. The neighbors were all fully understanding and raised no objection. Only the city council adamantly refused to grant planning permission.

The father went to the Gerrer Rebbe and poured out his heart. Instead of the anticipated bracha, the Rebbe went to the next room and returned with an apple which he gave to the young man.

The man took the apple home, and gathered his family to celebrate the Shirayim he was given. With all his children looking on in anticipation, he carefully cut the precious fruit into eight even slices, so that everyone could have a share. Just at that moment, the government inspector arrived, and was shocked at what he saw. "I never realized what extreme poverty this poor family are enduring - they even have to share a single apple equally!!" He immediately returned to his office and arranged for full permission to be granted.

Thank you to our dear friend in Gateshead for this story!