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Parshas Kedoshim: Maharal MiPrague - The One Class You Cannot Skip
The Dor HaMidbar was the Dor Dei'a.  They saw Hashem on the Yam Suf and they stood at Har Sinai listening to Hashem and then Moshe give over the Torah.  They didn't have to earn a living or worry about their clothing which grew together with them.  It was generation of Torah.  What did they do all day?  What else was there to do other than learn torah, of course.

In the beginning of Parshas Kedoshim there is a very interesting Maharal.  We will quote it for you and let you think about it.  The pasuk says (19:2), "Daber El Kol Adas Bnei Yisroel", speak to the entire congregation of Bnei Yisroel.  Rashi says that this parsha is particularly important since most of the mitzvos of the torah depend on it.  The Maharal says, even though all the other Parshiyos were said to the entire Yisroel (Eiruvin 54b), like Rashi described says in Ki Sisa how they all came in and Moshe taught them... there it is difference because not every person was obligated to come.  If they did not have free time they didn't come...  In this Parsha, he gathered all of Yisroel and they needed to come."  Busy?  Busy with what?