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The Tchebiner Rov Has A Little Visitor
Shabbos is a day of Oneg. The Heichal HaShabbos quotes the Vilna Gaon as saying the on Shabbos there is a Mitzva to have Oneg with food and drink and there is a mitzva to learn Torah.  It is better to learn more than to eat and drink more since you will become accustomed to the eating and drinking.

Shabbos is a special time for learning as we leave the hustle and bustle of our week behind us.  Many Gedolim stayed up learning all Friday night.  The Maharsham would learn the entire Masechtos Shabbos and Eiruvin each Shabbos and make a siyum at Melava Malka.  The excitement of Shabbos was so great for them that they couldn't sleep.

Rav Sholom Schwadron tells the story of the Tchebiner Rov who used to test the neighborhood boys of Shaarei Chesed each week on what they learned that week.  One week a boy came knocking on the Tchebiner Rov's door to be tested.  There was no answer.  He kept on knocking until the Rov himself came to open the door.  The Rov asked the boy what he wanted and he answered that he wanted to be tested.  Calmly the Rov said to the boy, "if you knock on someone's door and no one answers it is worth considering that maybe the person went to rest."

The boy heard this and asked in shocked manner, "What? The Rov sleeps on Shabbos?"  From that day on, said the Tchebiner Rov, he never again slept on Shabbos.