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Parshas Acharei Mos: Rav Avrohom Ben HaRambam - The Kohen Gadol's Private Designer Collection
Rav Avrohom Ben HaRambam in his classic work HaMaspik L'Ovdei Hashem has an entire Perek discussing the virtues of Prishus, abstinence.  Towards the end of the perek he asks, if abstinence is so worthy a trait why doe the Kohen Gadol wear the most lavish of clothing dripping with precious stones and gold?

He answers that purpose of his expensive attire is to cast an aura of beauty and awe over the masses who see him.  Simple people are impressed by ones clothes and his garments command the highest degree of Kavod and Tiferes as the Torah demands.  Proof to this he says is the Kohen Gadol's clothing on Yom Kippur.  Before entering the holiest place on earth to face the Melech Malchei HaMelachim he takes off his showy clothing and puts on simple white linen garments, the kind of clothing the King likes.   And not a single living soul will be present for him to impress.