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Parshas Bahaloscha: Daas Zekeinim & Ramban - Two Explanations For Moshe's Shocking Question

After Bnei Yiroel complain about the Man, Hashem tells Moshe that he will send them meat. Moshe Rabbeinu asks Hashem from where can he find enough meat for 600,000 men? Moshe Rabbeinu of all people, was doubting that Hashem can bring enough meat?

The Daas Zekeinin answers that we see in the gemara that it was forbidden to eat meat in the Midbar. If someone wanted to eat meat he needed to bring a Koraban Shlamim. and eat the meat that is apportioned to the owner. Moshe's question was, "How can only three Kohanim (Aharon and his sons) manage to be makriv shelamim for so many people?"  As an answer to this, Hashem sent the quail which was permitted to be eaten, since it cannot anyway be brought for a Korban.

The Ramban takes a different approach. He explains that Hashem only performs a Nes if it is pure Chesed or pure Din. He brought Man from the sky and water from a rock out of Chesed. He wiped out Mizrayim with Krias Yam Suf out of Din. Here Hashem, on one hand will bring meat, but on the other hand, it will kill those who complained. This Moshe Rabbeinu knew cannot come through a miracle, only through natural means. His question was, "How can Hashem bring meat for so many people in the desert without a miracle?"  This is why Hashem answers, "You will see if My words will happen." (Hayikricha from the lashom of "Keri"; happenstance.)  Indeed Hashem brought birds that tasted like meat, and which flew in without any obvious intervention.