Section:  Avodah   Category: Perek Shira
Perek Shira: Keep The Faith, The Night Will Soon End

Sunset is beautiful and sad. The day is over. As we watch the darkness slowly creep in it can set off a state of panic. Will it ever get light again? Will the day come back? Although the past is never an indication of the future nevertheless we all relax with the perfect belief that the night will not stay forever. The morning will come and bring back the light. A new day will begin and with it new horizons.

In our personal lives as well even in our darkest hour we should have perfect faith in Hashem that the darkness is a time to rest and regroup because morning is just around the bend.

"L'Hagid Baboker Chasdecha V'Emunascha BaLeilos"; Keep your faith in the dark night because by the morning you will speak of Hashem's kindness.