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Until We Hear The Shofar Of The Akeida We Are Not Out Of The Woods
The Torah tells us that after Avrohom was instructed not to slaughter Yitzchok, he saw an Ayil, a ram with its horns caught in the bushes.  To paraphrase, the Medrash, Avrohom saw the ram come out of the forest only to get lost in another forest.  Hashem then said to Avrohom, this is the future of your children.  They will leave the iron grip of Bavel to fall into the waiting hands of Madai.  When they escape the clutches of Madai they will become ensnared in Yavan.  After prying themselves loose from Yavan they will become prisoners of Edom.  This will continue until they will finally be redeemed with the horn of the Ram as Hashem blows the Shofar signaling the final redemption.

Each Galus has its own challenges.  Typically when someone leaves a tzara, any situation looks better than the one he just escaped.  Often he later finds out that he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  Klal Yisroel has been through so many tzorus in this long, seemingly never ending, galus.  When I was a child my grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, would say to me, "you may think that life is good and you are not in Galus.  When you grow up you will realize that the galus has not ended and you will begin to feel its heavy burden." 

Compared to history, things seem relatively good even now.  Maybe we are living in la la land.  Maybe we are so far out of touch with Hashem's reality that we don't know what's going on.  The fact is that neither I, nor anyone I know, has yet heard the sound of the Shofar.  So according to the Medrash and the message that I received from my saintly grandfather, we are still wandering inside this new forest without even knowing that we are lost and trapped.  May we all be zocheh to hear the sweet sound of the shofar that we've been longing to hear, before we figure out what lurks in the darkness of this new forest.