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The Vizhnitzer Rebbe Demands an Extra Matza From The Skulener Rebbe

Pesach was fast approaching in Post World War II Romania and the Skulener Rebbe zy"a was fortunate to have someone illegally obtain for him some wheat and a mill on the black market.  Since there were very few matzos to go around the Rebbe decided he would allot 1 matza to all the Rebbes in the surrounding area.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe zy"a hearing about the availability of matzos sent his son to the Skulener Rebbe.  Upon his arrival the Skulener Rebbe gladly handed the Vizhnitzer Rebbe's son the matza he put aside for him.  After receiving the matza his son said that his father requested 2 matzos.  The Skulener Rebbe explained that their was a limit of one in order to allow as many of the Rebbes as possible to all be mikayem the miztva of eating matza.

 The Vizhnitzer Rebbe's son explained that he had strict instructions from his father to bring back two matzos and made it clear that he would not leave back to his father until he had two matzos for him.  Seeing that he had no choice the Skulener Rebbe relented and gave him two matzos.

 A few weeks later on Erev Pesach the Vizhnitzer Rebbe's son knocked on the Skulener Rebbe's door and asked to speak to the Rebbe.  When he was brought in to the Rebbe he pulled out a single matza and handed it back to the Skulener Rebbe.  Befuddled the Rebbe asked him why he was so insistent on taking two matzos when he first came and why did he make the long trip, on Erev Pesach of all days, to come and bring it back.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe's son explained that when his father heard that the Skulener Rebbe had only a small quantity of matzos and was giving them out, he was sure that at the end the Skulener Rebbe would inevitably give out ALL the matzos leaving nothing for himself for Pesach.  Therefore the Vizhniter Rebbe schemed to take an extra matza for safekeeping so that he can return it to the Skulener Rebbe Erev Pesach so that he himself would enjoy a seder that included the prized matzos.